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Berlin has always been a city of ideas, inventions, and experimentation. Since  the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, Berlin has been the capital of freedom. Once the symbol of the division of Germany, the Brandenburg Gate has become the symbol of possibilities. The variety, the opposites, the co-existence, the colorful, the creative, the crazy, and also the normal – everything that Berlin stands for internationally, is based on the great value of freedom. Today, Berlin is the sum of lifestyles from all walks of life. The city offers everyone the opportunity to freely develop. Whether you’re an artist or a businesswoman, a dyed-in-the-wool Berliner or a newcomer, a neighborhood fixture or a hipster. Because anything goes in Berlin.

Berlin is more a world part than a city.(Jean Paul, german author)



Four out of five Berliners associate their city with freedom. Internationally, the German capital stands for individuality, cosmopolitanism, and innovation. Since early 2017, be Berlin has been giving this very special Berlin feeling many voices. With the #FreiheitBerlin initiative, the capital city campaign is setting an example for freedom. be Berlin invites all people to share their personal messages of freedom in the form of pictures, stories, videos, and quotes with the world. 

be Berlin translated the ideas of these messages into campaign themes. Since April 2017 they can be seen on the web and in the Berlin cityscape. Many celebrities have joined the campaign with their individual professions of freedom and stories, including Michael Michalsky, Mo Asumang, Olivia Jones, Sascha from BossHoss, die Beginner, and Maite Kelly.

Berlin-based companies and institutions also took part in the initiative with various events. A final highlight from the regional campaign events in 2017 was the projection on the Brandenburg Gate of messages of freedom sent in during the city-wide festival of lights 2017.

be Berlin was on tour internationally with the  Berlin Lab. On the occasion of Berlin’s city partnerships with Brussels and Los Angeles , the capital city campaign invited local visitors to discuss the topic of freedom with Berlin creatives, media representatives, founders, and scientists. The idea of freedom was also at the center of the campaign activities at the Day of German Unity  festival in Mainz. With the “Freiheitsbulli,” a VW bus with #FreiheitBerlin written on the side, the campaign traveled through the State capital of Rhineland-Palatinate and found many enthusiastic fans.

Join in – using the hashtag #FreiheitBerlin.