Berlin International

Berlin International

Today Berlin stands internationally and regionally for worldliness, quality of life, creativity, and freedom. For a dynamic mixture resulting from the proximity and cooperation of startups and established industry, the creative and music scene, as well as an excellent university and science landscape.

With Berlin Lab, be Berlin has been on tour since 2015. The creative and communication laboratory invites people all over the world to discover what makes Berlin special in lectures, panels, exhibitions, and performances – and at the same time to immerse themselves in Berlin’s unique attitude toward life. The Berlin Lab 2017 was a guest in Brussels and Los Angeles on the occasion of two city partnerships’ jubilees.

The Berlin Lab is presenting itself internationally with an affirmation of freedom using the hashtag #FreiheitBerlin


More about Berlin Labs in Los AngelesBrüssel, Stuttgart, London, Tel Aviv und München

The cities that are made out of dreams are and will always remain Berlin and Los Angeles.(Michael Müller)
Openness and tolerance are the two Stranges bonds of Berlin and Brussels.(Michael Müller)

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