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Second Talk-Round on Tuesday,October 15th, 2019, 18:00 to 20:00 in Berlin-Mitte

Berlin is a home of hearts for people of different origins, cultures, lifestyles and interests. Whether it is a place of birth, an adopted home or a place of longing for visitors - everyone knows Berlin and has an opinion about the city.

With the beBerlin capital city campaign in 2008, the city formulated an offer for people's creativity, individuality and love of freedom. Since then, Berlin has developed and changed rapidly. The image of the German capital is different today than it was then, more and more people are looking for and finding a home here.

Last year, the Berlin Senate Chancellery took the changed conditions as an opportunity to research the "DNA" of the city. The result is a modern model that thinks the city further, defines its core and its values, emphasizes its strengths, and reaffirms the Berliners' love for their own city. We would like to talk to you about this. 

Have a say!

This is how it should work: Ten people sit at the WG table and discuss. What is Berlin's appeal? Why are so many new people, companies, start-ups, scientists and creative people drawn to the city? What moves us? How can we succeed in maintaining and shaping Berlin as a city of togetherness worth living in? Because no matter from which neighbourhood, country or cultural area you come - Berlin is your home!  

From September 2019 to April 2020 a total of eight Berlin-WGs are planned, where you can contribute your ideas and thoughts.

The WG

As with a real WG, very different personalities come together at the same table. There are tasty snacks and you get to talk. The camera runs along for YouTube and records the results.

It's about relevant and exciting topics that shape and define Berlin in all its facets. After a brief introduction, a moderator introduces the topic of the round table with specific questions and stories.


Second Talk Round: Little Home 

Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 18:00 to approx. 20:00, Berlin-Mitte

Does Berlin have an identity as a metropolis? Discuss with us!
Moderation: N.N.

The second issue of the Berlin-WG deals with Berlin as a "Little Homeland": Half of Berliners think that Berlin needs a particularly manageable retreat. Village structures and neighbourhood communities contribute to well-being and make it possible to find a foothold in the hustle and bustle. Berlin consists of many micro-worlds in which people live and think locally. The neighbourhood and the community, not the city, seem to give many a feeling of belonging. Does Berlin as a whole have a uniform identity, or is the city too large and fragmented?  

Do you have an answer to these questions and would you like to be there with your opinion, ideas and thoughts about Berlin? Then apply now! For each shared flat 10 participants will be selected. 

(The discussion will take place in German.)

Here you can introduce yourself:

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